Who Missed B?

July 13, 2015

It had been a week later, and Max was out of the hospital.  Fully recovered.

Shrieks of excitement swarmed the entrance of Saks Fifth Avenue as Macie, Lily, and Gabriella all ran up to Brooklyn.  It’s been forever since the girls had seen each other.  At least, seemed like forever.

“Ive missed you so much!” Lily said as she hugged Brooklyn.  The girls had planned a day of shopping and fun, due to the record of time they haven’t seen each other. “Let’s grab some lattes and chat.  We have a lot of catching up to do.”  The thought of excitement and nervousness to tell the girls her and Max were getting back together over whelmed her, and she couldn’t tell if it was good or bad.

“I’m so happy for you that things worked out.  I’m just concerned that he will hurt you again.”  Gabriella questioned.  Some how, Brooklyn could not tell the girls that she knew it wouldn’t happen again.  She just knew.  “Girls, you know school is almost a month away, and now is the time to get all our clothes. What do you say we get to it?” Brooklyn spoke, the exciting shopping feeling running up her spine and through her veins.

“Done.” , and with that, the girls were off.

Brooklyn’s House Hold ~ 4:00 ~ Brooklyn’s Bedroom

“This dress, or this shirt with True Religion Jeans?” Lily asked, holding up both articles of clothing. “Either.  However the dress would bring out your eyes more.”  Macie confidently pointing out.  “I agree” Gabriella recalled.  “Same” Brooklyn said as well.

Lily slid the shirt back inside her Saks bag and continued to scan the dress.  Brooklyn, staring at her computer, online shopping of course, felt her phone buzz in her lap.  It read, Max: Party tomorrow night.  Your coming right?  Brooklyn knew by responding right away it would say “desperate”, so she decided to just not respond.  “Who was that B?” Macie asked.

“Just an invitation.”  Brooklyn stated, she couldn’t help but grin.  She texted back, “wouldn’t miss it”.

“I take that back Lil, the shirt and jeans.  Save the dress for tomorrow nights party we are attending.”

And with that, B sent the “it’s a go” text.


I revealed the girls names, Macie, Lily, and Gabriella as you can tell.  I also am not doing the whole bold italic letters anymore, no more Gossip Girl reenactment.  I would like to point out a new designer on the block, Sami Seifferlein.  Can I just say how amazing her artwork is?  I recently bought a pair of shoes by her, and I could not be more happy with them. I highly suggest taking a look at her designs.

IMG_6151 IMG_6154 IMG_6152

XX and Until next time..


Amen for a Clean Start

July 2, 2015

Is Max okay? I guess we’re about to find out.


“2 weeks ago, a teenager of the name Max Ryan’s was critically injured in a “mix up” with another teenage boy. He is still in critical condition at Jonah’s Hospital.” Were the words that came out of the news anchor’s mouth on live TV.  B couldn’t get the images out of her head of her precious boy being beaten up.  B? Did you just call Max precious.  Be careful girls, this could be another falling love story.

“Honey come downstairs!” B’s mom called from the bottom of the winded staircase.  B, in her ripped denim shorts, and her Micheal Kor’s designer top, strutted down the stairs, almost tripping on her Jimmy Choo.

“How about I take you to visit Max?” B’s mother calmly said. I know, this wasn’t what you were expecting, huh B? “Sure. Let me run upstairs to freshen up then you can drop me off.” B ran back up the spiral stair case, and into her closet.  She reached to the top shelf and pulled out a box that read “Max”, with a heart next to his name.  I hope this was from when you were dating B… B pulled out a box of candy; a jumbo box of kit kat’s.  Max’s favorite.

Jonah’s Hospital 3:30p.m

“I have my phone, if you need anything, call me.  Be careful and call me when you get on the train back home. I love you sweetie!” and with those words from her mom, she drove off, leaving B alone, not knowing what was going to happen behind the two hospital doors.  Take cover.


“Can you please tell me where Max Ryan’s room is?” B asked the girl behind the hospital counter. “Mam, Max is only aloud a small crowd of people in his room at a time, and for a short period of time.” the women said.

“His room number please?”


Room 14A

B was inhaling and exhaling as many times as she could until she reached the courage to slightly knock on Max’s door.  To her surprise, Sabrina opened the door.

“Before you say anything, I wasn’t trying to get back together with Max. I was just dropping off flowers.  I promise there is nothing going on between us.”  And with Sabrina’s words, B was slightly less stressed. “Thanks for telling me but if you don’t mind, I would like to have a few minutes alone with him.” B politely asked.  B, you should’ve brought roses for lover boy. “Sure thing” and with that Sabrina exited the room.

“How are you? How are you feeling?” B asked concernedly. “I could be better.” he responded.  Max was covered in bandages, and from B’s eyes, his wrist looked either fractured or broken.  “That guy really put you out huh?” she asked him.  B, why would you make him feel worse? “Well according to the doctors, I’m a wreck and I’ll be in here for another week.”  Max spit out.

B showed him the candy she brought him, and set it next to his bed, and sat down next to him.  “Look, I’ve been thinking a lot about what happened.”  I spy with my little eye, are those tears coming from B’s brown eyes?  “That its been all my fault, and that if I never called you upstairs you wouldn’t be here.”  Then she felt his hand start to rub her back in sympathy.  “And look where you are, and the money it took to fix you back up-” he cut her off.

“None of this is your fault.” he said.  Tears ran down B’s face over and over and it was like a massive flood.  It was embarrassing having Max watch her cry. “Don’t think for a second this is your fault.” And with those simply words, and the half of his body that wasn’t as weak as the other, he sat up and but his hand on her cheek.  He began to wipe B’s tears, and gave her a Kleenex.  B, what is going on?  I told you girls this was another falling love story.  Grab your tissues ladies, you’ll need them.

He slowly moved closer to her as she looked down at the tear soaked tissue.  Then she looked up, and thought she was in one of her favorite romance movies.  It seemed like a year, but then Max kissed her.  B departed.  “What are you doing? What about Sabrina, and you and-” “Brooklyn, stop talking.”

And he kissed her again.

Amen for a Clean Start?  More like a Clean Relationship.  Be careful lovelies.


So I finally came up with a new story line I like and it’s going to end up being romantic and fun.  I really enjoyed writing this post, and I hope you enjoyed reading it.  Blog pages will be updated later in the month because there has been updates to all of them recently. Remember to email me with plot ideas if you want as well :)

Will Max end up okay, or will he end up in heaven?  Who knows?

**No current post dates ahead**

Until Next Time lovelies…


Death Sentence.

June 17, 2015

Burning love.  Ouch, that’s hot.  But wait till you read this.


Guest Bedroom Door, 9 p.m

B whipped out her phone and tapped the messages icon. She typed in Max’s number and sent a text reading, “come upstairs.  You forgot something last time you were over.”  Your right B, he forgot his sense’s last time he was over, dating a cheater.  Well, I guess it’s an okay match, he’s the same species as a cheater too.

B heard tiny taps of feet walk towards her, and then dark lighting fading out, revealing Max’s face.  B held up one finger to her mouth to tell him to be quiet.  He was confused, but obeyed. Obeyed?  Woof. I didnt relize M was a puppy B.  B walked over to the guest bedroom door, and peaked inside to still see S kissing another man. Ouch. Sorry M. I think the real party crasher is S.  B gave Max a signal to look inside.


His face turned as red as a hot sunburn.  Told you to reapply ladies.

B stepped aside to let Max walk in and do the talking himself.  She figured if she stayed out of it, there would be less drama.

Good chess move B. And… was that a punch I just heard.  Watch out B, there could be a boxing match coming your way, or worse, a death sentence, but let’s not jump to conclusions.  But, there is no way you can break it up anyways, sorry B. But you better go check on how things are, we are at your house hold anyways, we wouldn’t want you and your family to have a reputation of a fight at your house that makes the New York Time’s, no would we B?

B looked inside to see S pressed against a bookshelf, to scared to detach. “So sad son, but it’s over for you tonight.”  Spoke the words of lonely boy. What provoked this B?  I don’t know either.  With those simple words, fists were in the air, Max on the ground struggling to get up.  Lonely boy was on top of Max, whipping his butt at this “boxing match”.  Things are getting out of control in here B.

B rushed to her room to find her cell phone and call 911.  Her quick instincts would be thanked later, of course if Max was still alive by then.


The party was officially over, people were crowding the room upstairs, until a group of yelling men made their way through the crowd.  “Get off him son!” one officer yelled at lonely boy.  “I’m giving you the count of three.”  Lonely boy looked up from Max’s half dead body.  “Count for me would you?”he pleaded.  Hate to ruin your party B, but this doesn’t look so good B.



B, would you like the honors of saying “Three”.  I thought not.

With those three seconds passing, lonely boy pulled out a fist and gave Max one last punch, if I’m seeing correctly.  This was a real boxing match now.  I take that back; death sentence in the making.

Lonely boy lifted his arm up above Max’s no longer activated body, with the sharpest punch and clean through Max’s body.  I didn’t hear one word from Max, did you ladies? Was this the end of not only two burning love stories, but was this the end of poor Max? And all for a stupid relationship…

Lonely boy walked over to the police holding hand cuffs and a gun out.  “I’m ready to get my slammer on fella’s.”  With that, lonely boy was not to be seen again?  If anything, would we ever see him again? 


An hour later, Max was announced in critical care at the hospital.  At this news, B was wiping her Maybelline mascara off her face, but the effort just wasn’t strong enough, just like Max’s poor little heart.

Don’t be ashamed B, it wasn’t your fault lonely boy chose a fight.  Sing to the angles girl’s, or this could be the real end of Max, forever.

Announcements :

Lord be with us, praying for our fellow cheater Max.  B must be so upset, over lover boy being pracitcally dead.  What happen’s next girls?  Will Max make it, or will he be passed on to the heavens, to look down on lonely boy in the slammer, and the rest of the humid, gossip, sick, scorching hot stories coming down the “yellow brick road”.

Did I mention my good girl “K”? A newbie in this so called “blogging society”.  You’ll crave for more of her chapters weekly as you keep up with her well written posts.  Grab your IPhone’s ladies and leave the rocks you’ve been living under, because “K” is about to spice things up.

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Chess Move.

June 15, 2015

Welcome back to another burning love story, and juicy gossip filled story.  I knew you would come back.

The boy fast.  Yes, successful. But still, how long was B willing to take it?

It was that time of the year.  B’s annual birthday bash, one of the biggest parties of the year, with exotic foods, music and of course bundles of people.  This was her 15th birthday, things were about the get interesting.

“B’s” House Hold

“Which dress?” B asked her friends.  She held up a rose red mini from Chanel, a classic dress.  She held up a pair of white open toed heels raising 3 inches off the ground.  Next was the outfit on her mannequin.  A longer formal dress designed by Kate Spade.  A colorful dress with pink and white flowers, and a pair of gold stiletto’s.

“I like the Chanel one B”.  L spoke.  M, and G both nodded their head’s in agreement.  I agree as well, B.

The party was quickly approaching, tomorrow night.  B’s Mother had gotten food orders organized, and she had the invites all sent and 98 percent of the crowd were a go.  This is one party going down in history, if you ask me. 

“I’m wearing my turquoise mini too! With my 2 inch heels from Steve Madden” G said excitedly.  “I have to still look at what I’m going to wear.” L told B.  M agreed.

The Next Day ~ Party Day 2 p.m

B was finishing applying her makeup and checking her phone every second.  The party started at 6, and everything was in place.  The music was being finished up, and the food was here and being taken care of, now all that needed to happen was B finishing up her smokey look for the night, because it was going to be one to remember.

“B’s” House Hold ~ 5:30 p.m

“Welcome girls! So excited your here.  Tonight’s going to be unforgettable.  Make yourself at home, bags and jackets can go in the closet, Rose will get them for you.”  Rose was B’s maid.  What a nice life she was living, can we all agree? Or envy?

“People are going to start arriving B.  Are you ready?”  M asked. “Am I ready? Is that even a question?” B responded, and headed upstairs to make her descent down the spiral staircase when guest’s were starting to arrive.

“B’s” House Hold ~ 6:15 p.m

B’s phone buzzed.

M– “Come down.  Its time to get the night started.”  With that B headed down the hallway, around the corner, and down the stairs to come upon a dozen of boys and girls staring at her.  It’s good to feel like a queen isn’t it B? 


B, how’s your party? Well its about to warm up. Was that a glimpse of Max and S I just saw?  Or are a pair of party crashers?  I always get the two mixed up.

B’s eye caught the ex- boyfriend Max, with uninvited Sabrina.  Was this party about to go down the drain? Or would an angel save B’s soul?  Who knew.

S caught B’s eye. To B’s surprise, S was on her way over to B with… is that a gift I see.  Take cover, it could be a bomb counting down.  B opened the small box to a note.  The note read, “Don’t bother kicking me out.  Max and I are going to have a great night.  Thanks for the party B,”. “Happy birthday sweetie”, S smiled and said, then swiftly walked towards Max, as B stood there desperate, almost as desperate as someone at a concert wanting to trade for better seats.  Hate to break it to you B, but your seat is taken, and there are no refunds.

“B’s” House Hold ~ 8 p.m

2 hours went by, and B was determined to not let S get to her during her birthday ball.  “Girls!” she called to G, M, and L.  They all rushed towards her.  “Wait for me down here, I need to go freshen up.  I’ll be back in 5.”  B briefly smiled, hiding her pain of her two least favorite people showing up at her party.


B winded up the stairs, around the corner, down the hallway.  She pasted the guest bedroom, and into her room.  She reapplied her makeup, sprayed some perfume, and re read texts on her phone.

Wait a second ladies, are you prepared for what’s about to happen.

B, exiting her room, passing the guest room.. was that a kiss I heard?  In B’s home?  B was determined to find out who the next hot couple was, so of course we had to take a look inside.  Wait.. is that S? with no M? Get ready for another burning love, because its about the die hard.

S, not a well played Chess Move.  Get ready girls, a storm is approaching, grab your umbrellas.

Announcements :

744 words and counting.  744 words and gossip and scorching hot.  These stories are so hot, I may be getting sun burn.  Grab your sunscreen, and make sure to reapply as the minutes pass, you may regret it.  Just like S is about to regret her bad chess move.

I am taking emails for any plot ideas, or plot twists ;) too.  You know where to find me.

Next Post :

Wednesday, June 17.  Wow, are you in for a treat on Wednesday.

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I Smell A Burning Love

June 13, 2015

Welcome back ladies, who’s ready for a burning story? Oh, my bad; burning love story.

B was all alone.  No man, no more.  This is going to be one summer, no one will forget.

“B”s House Hold

“Why can’t we make this work?  I’m sorry for anything I did wrong!!” Yes, you would think these delicate words would be coming from the heart of “M”, Max, but believe it or not they were coming from “B”s.  B and her tender loving heart.  I hate to see her waste her energy…

Max- “Nah, I’m good.” Did you notice she changed his contact?  “See ya.”

B sat there.  At her desk chair.  Thinking of the past week, and what had happened.  Nothing like this had happened to her before.  She was clueless.  Almost as clueless as someone buying an IPhone 6 a month before the 7 came out.  In fact, she may be even more clueless than that.

1 Week later of stress…

Yes lovelie you guessed it, “B” being herself, apologizing for something that she should not be, was still on her phone, texting Max.  She was not willing to pass him up,  even after what he did to her.  Hold on to your phone and keep in on, because this is one call that isn’t going to voicemail.

Starbucks Coffee

B’s head hung low as she listened to her friends pity her and her ex relationship.

“Leave him B” L, recited over and over.  “He’s not worth it after he did that to you.”  M, agreeing with L.  B sat there, drinking her refresher as she replayed everything her bestfriend’s were telling her.  And then it came to her.  They were right. 

“Oh my God.” B spat out these words faster than bad sushi. “Boy. Fast”.  “What are you talking about.” G asked firmly.  No one understood where B was going with this. “Boy Fast.  No boys, no relationships. It’s for the better.  Don’t get me wrong, it will be hard.  But like I said it’s for the better.”  The girls nodded at B’s idea.  “I’m willing to do that.  Spencer hasn’t talked to me in ages.  He; I think lost interest in me and its causing me anxiety.  I’m in with B.”  L spoke.  The others nodded.  This was a challenge these girls were willing take.  How long will it last?

Regal United Mall ~ A week later

B walked Steve Madden embellished foot in front of the other, as she approched Saks Fifth Avenue.  She was out for a day with her friends.  Boy free. She felt better than ever.  Her OCC red cement lips curved a sharp smile as she picked out a statement necklace with an infinity sign that was embellished hung over the gold chain.  “What do you girls think?” she held up the 200 hundred dollar necklace for her friends to view.  They all shrieked in jealousy, and spit out things like “its so you!”. And truthfully it was.

Her love with Max was burning. Literally, burning into flames.  I smell a burning love ladies.  Take cover.

Announcements :

Welcome back ladies.  I hope you all are enjoying the story lines and edits to pages.  I am updating B Allergy Free but -<3 and its pages are updated.  So happy to be back.

Xo Ladies, Stay tuned. You wont want to miss whats coming your way.


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It’s Not Always What it Seems, Sweetie

June 11, 2015

Summers here ladies, who’s ready for a scorching hot story? I for sure am.

Max and Brooklyn.  The hottest couple of the summer.  And ladies, grab your popcorn and your low calorie soda, because this is going to be a show you don’t want to miss.

Regal United Mall

Brooklyn walked foot in front of foot down the shiny marbel floors of Regal United Mall, awaiting the first meet up of summer with her preppy, hot boyfriend.  And she knew, everyone was talking about it.  A buzz was sent through her phone.

Maxxie :)– “Meet at Macy’s food court.  So excited to see you, I’ve missed you.  Love you:)”

He always knew just what to say.

Brooklyn– “Okay. Love you too.”

Macy’s Food Court

Eye spy with my little eye, Max Kidd smiling at “B” as she ran over to him and jumped into his arms.  Hold onto your hats ladies, its about to get windy.

“I’ve missed you.” He kissed Brooklyn.  “I bought you your favorite.  Mint Chocolate Chip”.  He held out a regular sized cup of ice cream.

No words came out of her mouth. The only reaction she had was to kiss him and she did.

“B”‘s House Hold-10:30

Brooklyn slid open her cell phone and sent a text to Max saying, “I had such a great time today.  Love you :)”.

She undid her sheets of her bed, grabbed her laptop and opened “Gossip Girl”.  Her phone buzzed as she was reaching for her Beats headphones.

Maxxie :)– “I love you too.”.  And with that, Brooklyn fell asleep soundly.

A week later….

Brooklyn had kept asking Max when he was available next to hangout again at the mall.  Today was the lucky day she would see him again.

“Lets go girls.” You didn’t think Brooklyn was going alone did you?  L, G, and M all piled out of the Mercedes with their cross body purses clinging to their hips.  As they entered the building, Brooklyn’s phone buzzed. Was it another perfectly written text from Max?

Maxxie :)– “I am so sorry babe but I cant make it today.  Baseball tryouts have me held up.  Another time I promise.”

“What is it “B”? G asked. “He cant make it. Baseball.” Brooklyn stated firmly. You could hear the sadness in her voice. “I’m so sorry.  Lets go out for a spa appointment.  My treat.” G offered.  Brooklyn figured it would relive the pain of a ditched plan.

Needle Point Spa was held near Macy’s food court.  “B” was 10 footsteps away from the spa entrance until; eye spy with my little eye, Max feeding a french fry to another girl. Was that a kiss I just saw? Who was this girl willing to take “B”s man? When the face of the evil soul willing to take her boy turned away to expose her face, it popped up as “S”. Sabrina.  I think were in for a burning love, and scorching hot summer.

As Sabrina caught the eye of Brooklyn eye balling her, she walked Tory Burch flip flop infront of the other until she was face to face with Brooklyn.

“It’s Not Always What it Seems, Sweetie.” were the words that floated out of her mouth that was soon enough going to be attached to Max’s…


Well ladies this was a nail biting post.  I also would like to say I am sorry for not posting lately, but this summer I’m going to be online more.

I am loving this story line.  If you havent noticed I am using letters of initials for names, and when “B” for Brooklyn comes up, the story is being told from someone else, and I’m thinking about making it a big part of BFabulous’ plot and story lines.

Get ready for a scorching hot summer.


break up

Cupid has Struck.

April 15, 2015

Welcome back to BFabulous on this gorgeous 65 degree weather day.

So whos ready for summer? Yes, unfortunetly almost all schools, including mine, are back in school after spring break.  My spring break in Florida was fanomanal, and I met some grand people while I was there too.  ;)  Another reason you always want to look your best.  I havent posted since before my birthday, which yes, I did get the Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC with gold hardware, and I Tiffany Blue Tory Burch wallet, at extremly great pricing.

So onto more adventures in Brooklyn’s world.

Brooklyn reached for her new Kate Spade pencil pouch in period 5.  Gym was a period that you should definetly listen too, however their are the days where Brooklyn spaces off, and thinks about other great things.  Today there were a few things on her mind.

1.  Beach Babes in Florida.  Can not stop thinking about them.  Oh Em Gee.

2.  Being Happy. Being herself.  Good Vibes.

3.  Teo Halm, Bailee Madison, and Peyton List.  All extreme idols that impacted her life in a fantastic way, making her really believe she was really on top of the world.

4.  And finally, a great weekend ahead.  One more days until her and “G” would hangout on Friday, and her long distance best friend “L”, going to a different school than Brooklyn, would finally see each other Saturday for a day filled with shopping, skating, laughs, and a sleepover, which they typically don’t see each other very often.

All these thoughts made Brooklyn so happy.  But then again, seeing Max spending more and more time with this girl made Brooklyn sad, but she remembers “there are plenty of more fish in the sea”, which is easier said than done.  Brooklyn’s long H&M sweater hung over her Aero leggings as she walked through the hallways.

Study Hall: 2:15

Brooklyn studied her long legs and at the tip lay her Steve Madden flip flops.  Her makeup pressed firm on her face. (Makeup Routine in the -<3 pages).  She couldn’t stop thinking about Max, and that other girl.  Trying to gain as much confidence as possible, Brooklyn took a long walk through the school.

Brooklyn’s lips became chapped as a clear complexion, an identical twin of Max’s new gal pal popped up in front of her on her left turn.  Oh wait, it was really her. “Oh, sorry.” she mumbled, then turned around slightly to Brooklyn’s assumption, she was jealous she didn’t have the full package, like Brooklyn did, which made her feel a little bit better.

Then she heard a laugh, then a guys laugh.  A laugh sounding just like Max’s.  She waited till the girls laugh trailed off…

So Brooklyn turned around.  She walked straight up to Max down the thin hallway and looked him right in his dreamy midnight eyes.  She knew she was going to regret this, but it had to be done.

“Max, I’m done with the ignoring, and you not hanging around me anymore because of some other girl.  It kills me inside.  I cant handle it.  To be completely honest here, I like you.  I like you alot.  I think about you, and I constantly want to be around you and just be with you, and even though were not dating, I don’t want you with any other girl.”  The words drifted out of her mouth like a floating cloud.  She did it, she said it.  She confronted him.  Suddenly, Max lost his constant stare into Brooklyn’s brown eyes and looked around.

He took her hand and lead her into a room that read “Electrical Room” on the door.  She had no idea what was happening, and she was concerned the teacher was going to wonder where she had went.  He yanked her in the room before anyone could see them.

Words fell out of his mouth, but Brooklyn didn’t want to here it.  She cut him off.  “If your going to ignore me, and act like– ” but then it turned the other way around.  She was cut off.  Her silky hair cascaded in front of her ears as she was yanked towards him, very close.

“Don’t talk.” He said.

And at that moment he kissed her.

Brooklyn couldn’t concentrate on anything else in her mind, and she let everything go. They finally seperated after a long 5 seconds.

The thoughts of if he thought she was a bad kisser, or if he could taste her lip gloss ran through her mind, but she figured her would’ve been already gone if that was going through his mind.

“Now do you believe me? I was only talking to Sabrina because I wanted to play hard to get. Which obviously was not working out, and I’ve created a big mess because she thinks I like her now.  Ive liked you the whole time.”  He admitted, and Brooklyn couldn’t be more happy.

“I really like you”, they both said in unison.

Yep, Cupid has Struck.



Well this was a happy ever after post if I do say so for myself. Before I say anything, this didn’t happen to me, and if your someone who easily is rejected or doesn’t get the guys all time, I understand.  Remember to be yourself, because one day an amazing guy will fall head over heels for you. I promise.

My makeup I use on an everyday basis is on the “dash heart” drop down, and that’s why I don’t re-explain everything in every post because I use the same things over and over everyday.

If you guys want anything new, or ideas for me on here definitely contact me and tell me!! I want you guys ideas and opinions, but no hate please and thank you.

I hope you guys enjoyed :)

Until next time,


Thank you for coming ladies. My faceclaim for B Fabulous is Taylor Swift, so please do not take her. I appreciate it!

Who doesn’t love some Tay Swift, am I right?

Enemies Frenimes

March 19, 2015

Welcome lovelies.

Are you all stoked for a new update? I am too.  So much has happened within the past couple of days.  The blog post before will always be added and continued on in the next post, just like today.

Brooklyn’s Steve Madden flats pitter pattered down the thin hallway up to her locker.  The icy cold frame sent a chill up her spine.  She was getting through the school day with no drama, nothing to worry about, and as confident as a sales lady getting a job at MAC cosmetics.  The only one thing bothering her.

The funeral.

Brooklyn hated bad vibes.  She couldn’t stand anyone or anything at anytime that led to a bad vibe.  What her parents have always said, “that’s how life will be sometimes.”  And Gosh did Brooklyn hate that comment.  She hated the feeling of funerals, the all black attire, and sad droopy mascara running down peoples precious cheeks.

She erased the image from her mind.  She couldn’t wait for the sad and depressing days to be over.  But she shut her cold tan locker and ran off to seventh period, and gosh she couldn’t wait for seventh period.

Because the one and only, Max, sat right in front of her, and all he ever did was turn around and flirt with her.  Her face lit up like a bright red balloon and his blonde locks ran over his eyes, and she couldn’t stop thinking about him.

“Hey there stupid.” The words ran out of this mouth.  Brooklyns eyes hooked with his bright blue ones.  She couldnt help but say “Hey stupid” back.  He nudged her and his soft nike sweatshirt rubbed up against her Abercrombie blouse.

She enjoyed every second of seventh period.  And soon enough the bell rang.

“Text me later?” Brooklyn asked. “Eh I don’t know” he said and smiled back.  She was in love struck.  Was this what her mother felt like when she met her husband?  All of it was great until the worst could happen.  Her eyes locked with the back of his blonde locks.  Her tears were coming up stream to her eyes when she saw the sight.  Her white Abercrombie blouse ruffled in the wind of people passing her in the halls, and her jeans stuck to her like an entire bottle of Elmer’s glue.  Her Clinique Gloss mascara and Maybelline rocket started to run a centimeter.  Her Maybelline powders started tightening her skin.  Her Steve Maddens wearn’t as nice as they used to be.

Another girl.

And let me tell you that girl was no longer a girl.  She was Brooklyn’s enemy.

But she erased that sight too.  Move on. Move on.  She sang the song “Miss Movin On” in her head by Fifth Harmony.  And it was easy.  She simply thought about her birthday, happy presents, and her upcoming Florida trip.  Five days after her birthday, and all good vibes after the funeral, she would be on a plane with her new White and Rose Gold Rebecca Minkoff bag and Tory Burch wallet, along with her weeks worth of swim wear, lace shorts, and a body ready to tan.  The thought of it made her want to jump out of her skin in excitement.

There were plenty of more fish in the sea.  “I think every girl needs to learn that lesson” she thought to herself.

There are plenty more fish in the sea. :)


Yes, I am right my birthday is in 11 days.  March 30.  And yes five days afterwards I will be in Florida or in other words paradise, with my new birthday presents I will be adoring over and ever so thankful for.

This post didn’t have much food in it so I’m going to type it in BAllergy Free:)

Wow this post had lots of drama in it.  But lets admit it is very nail biting.  Next post will be even better and soon after will be a pre-spring break post!!  So pumped.

Thank you all for reading, and remember if you ever get hurt by a boy, like Brooklyn, “there’s plenty more fish in the sea” lovelies.

Yours Truly,


A Wind Strike

March 12, 2015

Yes, I know I posted yesterday but with my spare free time, I thought I might add on to this new Era.

So here we go, enjoy.


She sat upon her metal line chair frame, the dark, glossy finished wood shined like the top of a New York skyscraper.  Her thoughts and feeling were better today, and so far the day was great.  She loved how so many people said “hi” to her today, or “Brooklyn!!” hollering through the skinny hallways.  She loved how she felt more confident than any other day this week, her outfit was stunning, every time she looked at her flats she smiled, they were gorgeous.  And every time she passed someone in the hallway she would smile.  Almost everybody.

Her feelings obviously dropped lower than a sales tag at Charlotte  on Black Friday, when she saw the people she didn’t want in her life.  People that talked behind her back or that made her feel less of herself.  Or made fun of the outfit she took fifteen minutes the night before to put together.  Everyone has those people, but today is was easier for whatever reason, and Brooklyn was enjoying it.

Her cardigan from Charlotte Russe swung back and forth like a leaf falling from a tree when she speed walked down the hallway line with seventh and eighth graders.  Her dark grey shirt fluttered in the wind.  Her leggings stuck to her legs like spandex at a volleyball game.  Her hair crimpier that what a crimper can do, waved to the people behind her.

Brooklyn’s books dropped to the floor.

“I’m so sorry” a voice above her recalled.  “Whatever its fine.”  Then she looked up to a medium height blonde boy standing at eye to eye level.  “Oh, yeah its fine. I’m Brooklyn”. She warmly smiled, and admired how handsome he was.  “I’m Max.”  She remember her dog, Max.  She smiled.  “Sorry about that.”  She said, then walked away urgently to the restroom, afraid her cheeks were as red as tomato’s.

“Why did I walk away?” She asked herself.

Her chicken and noodles, and her Mott’s fruit snacks gurgled in the uncomfortable, yet lovely feeling in her lower abdomen.  “What was I thinking?” She asked herself.  Class had already started, and she was still in the restroom thinking, school did not come across her mind once.

Daily Outfit Check:

Of course Brooklyn was wearing her Charlotte Russe cardigan and Aero dark grey fluttery shirt that complimented the cardigan.  Her leggings were ironed and flat, sort of how flat her Steve Madden flats were.  Her aquamarine cross necklace got the eye of the mirror until her Alex and Ani bracelets took up the spotlight.

Her makeup was the same as yesterdays, and as always her lip color was fading but she did not care.

Brooklyn pulled out her phone from her pencil pouch and went to her schools directory, and searched “Max”.  She scrolled for minutes until a young blonde picture, identical to the boy in the hallway, popped up on the screen.  “Max Reynolds” she read out loud.  It was time to think harder, pay attention more, think more about Max.  Was Brooklyn crushing, like her Bailey Bow Uggs crushed in a smooth slick of mud last winter?  Or was she crushed in a more positive way, like a 50% off sale at Mac? She knew one thing was for sure, she was crushing.  Hard.

Brooklyn opened her locker, number 5022.  Her un-glossed lips were now chapped but she didn’t care.  She couldn’t stop thinking about Max.  At this point even looking at her Steve Madden flats and Tiffany Blue nails didn’t fix her concentration.  She zipped up her Vera backpack and slowly but surely shut her locker, and then right in front of her.  Her lips went glossy, and her outfit shined brighter than a star.

It was Max who swiftly passed her. “Hey” he muttered and slowly walked away.

Her hair fluttered back after the scent of Ax and wind mixed together was left behind him and like a present to her.

A Wind Strike.

The After Math..

Wow that was a nail biting blog post, if I do so for myself.  Like I did yesterday and what I will continue to do is bold and italicize makeup, fashion, and food in the story line.  Like I also said yesterday, pages will stay the same, I’m just including more on the homepage, and making it less interesting, while adding more products to it.  I’m so glad you enjoyed.

I can feel it in my deepest bones that great things are heading my way with BFabulous, so stay tuned for the latest and greatest news.  Have an amazing weekend!! :)




Who doesn’t love Bridget Mendler? :)

A New Era

March 11, 2015

Welcome ;)

Today I’m starting something new. Believe it or not, I came up with this idea in 6th period Social Studies while studying Communist China, therefore I was a little bored, so I thought on a side note.

The New Era is basically a story line form that includes makeup, fashion, and food all in one post, but instead of it being a boring old blog post it will be in a story, or a series that gets added onto every post.  The things that happen in this teenage girls life will be of existence, or things that can or have really happened to me or others, no specific names.  I’m going to start this new Era today, and see if I like the ways things roll out..

So here we go.  A New Era begins….

She sat in her finished wood seat in third period.  English Comp.  Her head looking down at a blank piece of paper, no one sitting next to her because her friend was absent.  She wrote the assignment and every couple of minutes she glanced down at her steve madden flats, and her Tiffany Blue painted toe nails, thanks to yesterdays nail assistant.  Third period bell was about to ring, on to fourth period.

Then fifth, then sixth, and seventh.  And finally a restroom break.  She walked into the cleanly tiled walls and stepped into a stall.  Moments later, walking out,  she checked her appearance in the long full length mirror.  Her Abercrombie light wash jeans made her thighs look bigger in a mirror, then she remembered “you are perfect” thanks to the reminder of her parents words.  She admired the way her half sleeve white plain shirt, and Charlotte Rouse anchor scarf lined her body thinly until it reached the last thread at her stomach.  Her flats dove into the heels of her feet, but you know what they say, “beauty hurts”.  Her hair less straight then this morning but decent.

Her makeup shined through the mirror.  Not to much because she reminded herself of the things that were bothering her and getting herself into a sadness storm, then back to were she was, then back to the thoughts and feelings, then back to the mirror.  Her Maybelline Ivory Powder and Essence concealer gave herself a healthy tan glow, and her Clinique Shine Gloss Mascara and Rocket Mascara elongated her eyelashes to a reasonable amount.  And of course her gloss made her smiley brighter than the sun.


Her lunch gurgled.  Her “Side Kicks” fruit slushie settled lowly in her stomach after hearing the names and words.  “Get over it”  she said to herself.  She rested in her grey empty bus seat and processed the words and who was saying these things.  Her phone buzzed with a new text from her friend “G”, giving advice on how to handle the situation.  Then she let it go.  It slipped away.  Her slushie in her stomach smoothly settled now, and everything was okay.. Of course the name calling and the opinions mattered to her but who cares.  You know that quote?  “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”?  That’s a perfect quote to end the feeling of sadness.

A new text came up with the girls name, to make sure everything was okay.

“Brooklyn?” It read.

Brooklyn responded, “I’m fine. I’ll get over it”.

The bolded and italicted letters are there for a reason.  This is to easily show you the makeup, food, and fashion for that day.. All pages will remain the same, but this is going to be a “main pager”.  I hope we all enjoy this new Era, and thanks again for reading.. Have a FABULOUS rest of the week, and look forward to Fun Fridays :)

XoXo B ;)